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Innovation. Passion. Integrity. Quality. These core values drive the talented staff of Vanguard Communications, an award-winning, Hispanic woman-owned public relations and social marketing firm that focuses exclusively on communicating for social change. Our approaches are research-based, collaborative and culturally inclusive. Learn more.


  • What PR Pros Can Learn from Rolling Stone’s Mistakes

    First page of the retracted UVA sexual assault story in the Rolling Stone’s December 4, 2014. The report is on Rolling Stone‘s coverage of the University of Virginia rape allegations case, and it’s sc … more

  • #Hashtagging: Investing in Social Media

    Social media is like a puppy. It’s engaging, attention-grabbing and gets slobber all over your shirt. In this analogy, the slobber consists mostly of YouTube comments. What’s better than one puppy? Te … more

  • Storytelling, Wanda Alston and a Spring Fling

    The Wanda Alston Foundation As social marketers who work with nonprofit organizations, Vanguard has seen time and time again that storytelling builds a closer connection between a group’s mission and … more

April 2015 Ann Gregory


April 2015 Ann Gregory Civil Rights Catalyst



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