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Innovation. Passion. Integrity. Quality. These core values drive the talented staff of Vanguard Communications, an award-winning, Hispanic woman-owned public relations and social marketing firm that focuses exclusively on communicating for social change. Our approaches are research-based, collaborative and culturally inclusive. Learn more.


  • #Hashtagging: Investing in Social Media

    Social media is like a puppy. It’s engaging, attention-grabbing and gets slobber all over your shirt. In this analogy, the slobber consists mostly of YouTube comments. What’s better than one puppy? Te … more

  • Storytelling, Wanda Alston and a Spring Fling

    The Wanda Alston Foundation As social marketers who work with nonprofit organizations, Vanguard has seen time and time again that storytelling builds a closer connection between a group’s mission and … more

  • How to Deliver a Don’t Ever Give Up Speech

    This month’s Communicator of the Month is Jim Valvano. Jimmy V, as he was affectionately called, was best known for two things: Coaching the 1983 North Carolina State University men’s basketball team … more

March 2015 Jim Valvano Cancer Challenger


March 2015 Jim Valvano Cancer Challenger



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