One Minute with Joe Kelly

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VC Executive Vice President Joe Kelly with his granddaughter Josie

Joe Kelly has been with Vanguard for 17 years and is the Executive Vice President. Learn more about Joe on his Leadership Page.

Vanguard just celebrated its 25th anniversary; in one word describe:

The PR industry in 1987: Undervalued

The PR industry today: Respected

The PR industry in 2037: Essential

In one word describe:

Yourself: Congenial

Your work style: Dramaless

Your legacy: Growth

Finish the following sentences:

What excites me the most about the future of public relations is … how effective it has become at creating social change. It only gets better and stronger.

To me, innovation is … thinking outside the box about routine responsibility and finding new ways to get more and better results.  

I knew I wanted to work in public relations when … I worked at Common Cause and realized how powerful a tool advocacy can be. I had great pride in informing its founder, John Gardiner, during a news conference at Dulles Airport that legislation to allow the development of the SST (Super Sonic Transport) had not passed thanks to our efforts to muster public sentiment against the project.

The communicator who inspires me is … any public figure who holds true to his/her beliefs, and for me, at this time, his name is Barack Obama.

My advice for future communicators for social change is … to be patient. Changing the world doesn’t happen overnight.

If I didn’t work in public relations I would … want to be the Peace Corps Director in an Asian country.

I want to be remembered at Vanguard for … helping to get us to where we are today by encouraging and supporting the long view in corporate decisions.

Most people at Vanguard don’t know this, but I … worked at a veterinary hospital as a very young boy. I walked the animals, cleaned out their pens and did lots of other chores. I made almost no money but my reward was doing the daily feeding and grooming of the resident horse and even exercised that trusty steed occasionally.

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