InSites for the Future: The Future of the PR Workplace


Today we look at the public relations workplace and the culture changes that could be ahead in 2012. We start off with a look from Mary Pat King at how CEOs and executives should maximize the involvement of PR professionals on staff. Rachael Siefert discusses a mentoring role reversal, and Vanguard’s vice president of […]

InSites for the Future: The Use of Visuals in Communication in 2012


Visuals can be more important to effective communication than the words we use. Vanguard’s Integrated Media Services group leader Crystal Borde predicts digital media will become more visual in 2012, while editorial director LeAnne DeFrancesco argues for the power of images when communicating your message.

A More Visually Appealing New Year

In 2011, websites, media outlets […]

InSites for the Future: The Future of Social Media


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Social media is an ever-evolving world, and communicators are working overtime to keep up with the changes. Gary Ritterstein predicts that a platform to integrate all social media will be the next big thing, while Scott Rieder looks ahead to a time when all media outlets use Twitter for breaking news. […]

InSites for the Future: Multicultural Communication in 2012


Today, as part of Vanguard’s “InSites for the Future” series, we’re looking at the future of multicultural communication. Vanguard’s multicultural services leader, Leah Holmes-Bonilla, predicts that cultural relevancy will become even more critical in a fast-paced world, while Kirana Bammarito sees that multicultural approaches will expand from a PR specialty service to an essential […]

InSites for the Future



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Vanguard will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2012. We’re proud of our accomplishments, but we’re also excited about what the future holds for social change communications. Through the end of the year we will be sharing our predictions for 2012 and beyond under the title, “InSites for the […]