Daniel Snyder’s (Not So) Open Letter


Washington might be famous for its politics, but for locals, the real lifeblood of the city is the Burgundy and Gold. For the uninitiated, that’s another name for the Washington Redskins, which, thanks to vocal grassroots efforts, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and President Obama, has moved to the center of a national discussion over the […]

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Many Americans Still Do At Home


According to The Washington Post’s analysis of the 2007 – 2011 Census American Community Survey, more than 25 percent of counties in the United States include at least one in 10 households where English is not the language spoken at home.

While you may have already guessed that Spanish is still the most commonly spoken language […]

How New is New?


Image Credit: Mark Gurney/Time Magazine

Have you heard the news? Scientists announced today the discovery of a new mammal species —  the olinguito. According to the Smithsonian Institution, it is the first mammalian carnivore species to be discovered in the Americas in 35 years.

But is the olinguito really new? Depends on who you ask: Olinguitos […]

New AP Style Word Changes Spur Debate and Applause


Photo courtesy of Flickr user Fibonacci Blue

On InSites, we’re no stranger to talking about the power of language to evoke perceptions of people and issues positively or negatively. In past posts, we’ve talked about the importance of person-first language, the virtues of culturally- and linguisticly-competent word choice when telling health stories, and even […]

Surname Translation Can Challenge Cultural and Linguistic Competency


Romanization of character language systems, such as Chinese, can pose cultural and linguistic challenges for communicators. Photo credit: Our Signature by 2493™ on Flickr

Have you noticed in the coverage about the protests in Libya that the name of the country’s leader is spelled differently depending on the news organization? I’ve seen his name reported as Muammar el-Qaddafi, […]