Purple Round-up: March 1, 2013


We think this glimpse into the mind of a PR pro is pretty right on.

Today is the National Day of Unplugging! Are you up for the challenge?

We have Oreo to thank for these real-time marketing attempts during last weekend’s Oscars.

Three types of brands people like to connect with on social media.

Have you been unproductive this […]

Diversity and the Movies: It Must Be More Than Skin Deep


Last night, Hollywood crowned its best and brightest. The 83rd Annual Academy Awards spotlighted all that we’ve come to love about films and regrettably all that continues to disappoint us about major filmmaking.

Poster for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards, held February 27, 2011.

One best picture nominee, The Kids Are Alright, portrays a happy, […]

What Pantone Color Are You Wearing?


One of the first questions Oscar attendees are always asked by reporters as they stroll the red carpet is “who are you wearing?” As we do every year, my friends and I will gather this Sunday to watch E!’s Live from the Red Carpet at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards and find out who […]

The King’s Blog


King George VI May 1939 via Wikimedia Commons

One of the movies receiving accolades, if not awards, at the Oscars on Sunday is “The King’s Speech.” No spoiler alert is needed to tell you that the movie is about how King George VI, who stammers, prepares for a pivotal speech. The king can’t just […]