Thank you for participating in the official judging of the 2015 Excellence in Community Communications and Outreach (ECCO) Recognition Program.


Please refer to the “Categories” section in the upper-right side of the page to find your assigned categories. To view the entries in your categories, click on the given category and a list of lettered codes will appear. Each letter code represents one entry.


When you click on a letter code, a new page will appear that contains all materials necessary to judge the given entry including: the entry form completed by the SOC community; a snapshot of the overall entry; a PDF sampling of the supporting print materials; video/audio-based supporting files; and an e-ballot.


After reviewing the entry form, the main contents of the entry and supporting materials, please select the point value that you would like to award to the entry based upon the following criteria:


  • Relevance to Category (5 points) 

  • Planning (10 points) 
Cultural and Linguistic Competence (10 points) 
Message (10 points) 
Family-Driven and Youth-Guided (15 points) 
Execution/Presentation (15 points) 
Creativity (15 points) 
Effectiveness and Evaluation (20 points)


When you have completed filling out a ballot, click the “submit” button located at the bottom of the ballot and your scores and comments will be submitted safely to the Caring for Every Child's Mental Health Campaign team.


Completed ballots are due to the team by COB Friday, June 12.


If you have any questions/concerns contact Brittany Vanderpool at bvanderpool@vancomm.com or 202-248-5487