In 1987, Vanguard’s founders put an ideological stake in the ground: Let’s leverage the power of public relations for social change.

Today, we collaborate with nonprofit organizations and government agencies to build opportunity, promote healthy behaviors, protect our environment and connect communities.

Our Promise

Our Hispanic woman-owned PR and social marketing firm has been working for more than 30 years to open hearts and minds about issues and individuals, and realize a more inclusive and equitable world.

How do we approach our work? By being people-first. For us, this means we put our clients, their audiences, our co-workers and our partners at the center of our decisions.

our work

Our agency is fueled every day by the passion of our staff to have a meaningful impact on people’s lives. To do so, we unpack complex topics and make room for all voices to be heard on critical debates, from health care to climate change.


When it comes to the nuts and bolts of PR, we’ve got it … and then some. Our services integrate the principles of social marketing so that every strategy we develop begins with the audience, applies available research and has the potential to change behavior. This approach, coupled with our high standard of customer service, ensures that clients have a partner, not a vendor. Our value lies in being accessible and transparent, bringing our A game every day, thinking of your interests even “off the clock” and always telling you what we really think.

The Team

When you care about your work – and enjoy doing it – it shows. We attract diverse, talented people who love what they do, and enjoy exceptional tenure in client relationships. Our culture of personal leadership involves celebrating success and delivering the best customer service to clients and coworkers alike.

In Practice Blog

As communicators, we like to share.

On Vanguard’s blog, “In Practice,” we break down industry trends, dissect how current events relate to our work, and showcase where and how we’re experiencing success.

We invite you to visit often and share your perspectives on the art and science that is PR.