People-first PR working for healthy communities and a thriving planet.

In 1987, Vanguard’s founders put an ideological stake in the ground: Let’s
leverage the power of public relations for social change.

Our Hispanic woman-owned public relations and social marketing firm is celebrating nearly 30 years of working to improve lives in diverse communities. With this milestone in our sights, our 40+ person team and expanded network are as passionate as ever about using communications to create measurable social impact.

Our Promise

At Vanguard, we are people-first.

For us, this means we put our clients, their audiences, our co-workers and our partners first.
We listen. We collaborate. We build. We deliver.

We are a relationship-driven firm that digs into culture, community and
individual experiences to bring to life the big ideas that change lives.


Our work is powered by and for the individuals, families and communities whose voices are the fuel for change. Collaborations with clients often entail bringing difficult issues into the mainstream and championing modern-day causes calling for leadership.


When it comes to the nuts and bolts of PR, we’ve got it … and then some. Our proven approach to these services always starts with audience research and strategy, plans for effective implementation, and concludes with measurement and evaluation.

Communications Planning
Branding & Positioning
Community Engagement
Strategic Partnerships
Digital & Social Media
Integrated Media
Design & Editorial

The Team

When you care about your work — and enjoy doing it — it shows. This is why we attract diverse talent and enjoy exceptional tenure in both leadership and client relationships. Our culture of personal leadership involves celebrating success and requiring the best customer service, including to each other.

In Practice

As communicators, we like to share.

On Vanguard’s blog, “In Practice,” we break down industry trends, discuss important social issues and
showcase how our clients create measurable social impact.

We invite you to visit often and share your perspectives.