InSites for PR Graduates: Learn the Newsroom Ropes from Lois Lane

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you it’s a super competitive market for entry-level PR agency positions. If you’re looking to set your résumé apart from the colossal pool of applicants — and why wouldn’t you? — you might consider learning the news business from the inside out.

With shrinking newsrooms and fewer reporters, competition for media placements on behalf of clients has never been higher. And the responsibility of pitching stories to get a reporter or producer’s attention falls within most entry- to mid-level PR job descriptions.

So, to get a head start on your fellow job applicants, why not apply for an internship at a local broadcast affiliate or daily newspaper?

For PR professionals, this early, hands-on experience inside the news industry would be invaluable. An internship at a media outlet would teach you what is considered “news” and what is not, and why certain stories are covered while others are not.

At a PR agency, that knowledge would take you far … but the first step is to land the job. And this experience in a real-life newsroom setting would place you in a tier above the competition.

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