How Nonprofits Work with Content Creators to Connect with the Latino Community

When it comes to building content, Vanguard has always strived to be inclusive of our audiences. As a firm run by a Hispanic woman with many past and current Latino employees, we value the importance of language and culture when communicating to people about issues that are relevant to them.

This is why the Vanguard digital team took advantage of the great opportunity to attend the Latinos in Tech Innovation and Social Media Conference.

I was able to see the “Current State of the Social Latino” session featuring speakers from Google, Univision, Nielson and Social Lens — all of the big shots!

Much of the talk centered on how nonprofits can use social media to connect with Latinos and how they can compete against the latest cat video du jour or other viral trend.

There is an ample and ever-growing amount of competition on social media that can often drown out your message, especially when trying to reach populations who haven’t been as targeted by your brand or organization before.

The most impactful point that was made is that content creation is hard. Content creation that fits every audience is almost impossible.

Both the challenge and the great opportunity is that you really shouldn’t be targeting your content to everyone. You should be tailoring your content and making authentic efforts to engage with the communities you’re trying to reach by connecting with their passion points and what they care about.

Julie Diaz-Asper of Social Lens had some great advice on making content that resonates. There are already Latino content creators on every platform of social media. There are Latino influencers that know their audiences and know what type of content resonates with them.

When making inroads to a new community where your brand isn’t established, partnering with content creators can be an extremely effective way to reach your intended audience.

Here are a few key tips to keep in mind:

  • Partner with content creators and influencers to build your brand in these communities.
  • Give your audience the ability to participate.
  • Create opportunities for your brand to engage with these communities authentically — no one likes an ad!
  • Create a strategy on the outset of this partnership to make sure your brand’s message maintains its equity, but be open to what the content creators want to do — they know their audience.
  • Do your due diligence to make sure the content creator or influencer shares values with your nonprofit.
  • Have the content creator make a short video to put on your website — that way, you can get a feel for their content and voice without a large investment!

Users on social media can tell when someone they follow has been paid to advertise something. While part of that is unavoidable, make sure you partner with influencers who care about your message. That way they can speak about it authentically and with passion.

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