On a Social Media Budget? Try DIY for Visuals (Part 2)

As we discussed in Part 1 of this series, visuals can make a huge difference on social media. But slapping an unrelated image on your copy does not equate to being visual-savvy.

Social media visuals should be simple and to the point, and relate to your messaging.

Need inspiration? Pinterest is a resource you can scan quickly for photos and designs and get that creative spark.

Find Your Image

Not all images are created equal, so use NPR’s great tips on arresting image composition.

If you don’t have any photos that work, use free license-free high-resolution images from Unsplash or Pixabay.

Would you rather use an infographic to communicate your message? Infogr.am allows you to create an infographic out of your own data.

Personalize Your Image

Using free online tools, you can now build your graphic. Add your logo. Insert a relevant quote. Include a call to action!

Explore using text and other graphics over the image to convey your idea. Remember, it’s more than font size … text color matters too!

Post Your Image

Ask yourself:

  • Is the image the right size for the platform you’re publishing it on?
  • Is the image quality high?
  • Does every element have a purpose in communicating your message?
  • Is the copy readable?

Now take off the training wheels and go design!

Need a test project? Here’s one: Giving Tuesday occurs on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving and is an annual effort focused on giving to social causes using social media with #GivingTuesday. Use it to make a fundraising push at the end of year and show off your new graphics skills.

Check out Giving Tuesday case studies to get started.

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