Inspiring Behavior Change Through Energy Marketing Campaigns

Each person can make a difference in helping our planet. By decreasing the amount of energy we use, our collective action not only helps us save expenses, but impacts our environment for us and our future.

Residential energy consumption has on average gone down since 2014, proving the critical role energy campaigns play in promoting behavior change. However, there is still much to be done. Below are two marketing campaigns that can serve as an example for other organizations on how to successfully get people excited about energy conservation and inform them of ways their individual actions can collectively make a difference.

Tide’s #TurnToCold Campaign

Tide Take The Pledge Tweet

In 2014, Tide launched their #TurnToCold campaign during Earth Week to market their cold water detergent and inspire people to decrease their energy consumption and increase financial savings by switching to cold water. Using Twitter as their campaign platform, they informed people of home and collective energy and cost saving benefits from switching to cold water, as well as encouraged people to take a pledge to use cold water for one week by retweeting Tide. Some facts included, “Switching to cold water washing can save enough energy in one year to charge a smartphone for a lifetime,” and this:

Tides Power NYC Street Lights Tweet

To get as much participation and awareness about their detergent as possible, Tide included an added incentive — they chose five people who made the pledge and paid their energy bills for one month. By blending prize incentives and fact sharing, Tide’s #TurnToCold campaign successfully increased their audience’s commitment to save money, their clothes and the planet.

ENERGY STAR’s “Ask the Expert” Campaign

Understanding that many people have questions about ways to save energy, ENERGY STAR saw the perfect opportunity to launch their “Ask The Expert” campaign. The campaign involves articles, videos and infographics on making energy efficient choices from insulating your home, to finding energy smart gifts for the holidays, to how to buy the perfect air conditioner for the summer. Their materials combine financial and energy saving facts, showcasing easy solutions to cut costs and electricity. Some of their “Ask the Expert” videos on YouTube, such as this video on how to purchase the best air conditioner for your home, have between 30,000 and 50,000 views, proving their audience truly cares about learning ways to make a difference. Overall, ENERGY STAR’s “Ask the Expert” campaign successfully showcases their expertise on the subject of energy conservation and inspires a large audience to improve their energy consumption through the combination of articles, videos and infographics like this:

How to Keep Your Cool When the Season Heats Up Infographic

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