Google for Communicators

Google is celebrating its 18th birthday this week, and as it has been joked about on social media, Google has officially entered adulthood!

Google has forever changed our lives: Answering our questions (regardless of how silly they may be), making group projects more manageable (Google Docs, anyone?) and helping us beat traffic when we just want to get home after a long day.

Google also holds a special place in communicators’ hearts. Its tools help us gain greater insight and knowledge in order to communicate and engage audiences more effectively.

In the spirit of this celebration, let’s take a look at three wonderful Google tools for communicators:

Google Analytics Measures and reports website activity and traffic. These metrics allow communicators to have a better understanding of website performance and engagement with audiences. It also helps communicators become more strategic when developing content to increase earned media and audience interaction.

VC Tip: Translate Google Analytics data into simple, digestible reports that clients and staff in your organization can read without much technical knowledge. This will allow you to communicate your findings more effectively and enhance your website as a result.

Google Alerts Monitors the web for topics of interest and notifies you via email when it finds new results. You can use Google Alerts to oversee your client’s online presence, including its brand and products. It also helps to keep up-to-date with relevant news and to identify potential areas of opportunity to partner with organizations or individuals that reference your clients’ content or website.

VC Tip: Be as precise as possible when formulating search terms for alerts. This will ensure you will receive specific and relevant results.

Google AdWordsGoogle’s paid-per-click online marketing service. AdWords allows you to bid on keywords relevant to your ad in order to ensure that search engines pull it above any other website when people type related words. Although this is more of a marketing tactic, communicators need to be familiar with how this tool works in order to collaborate with marketers in developing impactful messages tailored to key audiences.

VC Tip: Audiences need a good reason to click on your ad and visit your site. Create a more effective ad copy by highlighting what makes you unique in the ad headline and including a call to action in the text description. This will allow you to attract a greater number of visitors searching for the type of products and services you offer.

Happy Birthday Google! May you keep providing us with more amazing tools to expand our knowledge and skills for driving impactful communications campaigns!

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