Give Them the Green Light

Green Light A Vet

Earlier this week, we were challenged to remember that as Americans, we are more alike than we are different. On Tuesday, we all had to make a choice between parties. Tomorrow gives us the perfect opportunity to be truly bipartisan: It is Veterans Day.

If you’ve noticed more green lights on at your neighbors houses this month, or caught Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley stop the Country Music Awards to light up Bridgestone Arena in Nashville with green lights, there’s a reason. It’s in support of Walmart’s Greenlight A Vet campaign, established to show visible national support for our Nation’s veterans. Why green? It is the color of hope and well-being.

Walmart’s recent commercials explore how as veterans or active duty service members return from service, it’s often hard to show them the appreciation they deserve, unless you know them personally. Being back home, out of uniform and transitioning back into civilian life, many feel they are more camouflaged than ever.

I come from a family full of veterans, and I live in a neighborhood close to Ft. Meade in Maryland. Many of my neighbors are veterans or reservists. I can’t tell each of them thank you for their service every day, but I can change my porch light to green, so that through one small gesture, they know I care.

This Veterans Day, I encourage you to support a group of people we can all get behind. Change the way that you show appreciation to America’s veterans. Change just one lightbulb in your house green to show your support. And, join the #GreenLightAVet movement on social media.

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