The Fight for Fairness: How We #StandUp4HumanRights

Equality. Justice. Freedom.

On this day 70 years ago, the United Nations General Assembly laid the foundation for a more inclusive future. Their adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights serves as a reminder that regardless of race, sex, nationality, ethnicity or religion, our humanity is based on these inalienable rights.

To honor the anniversary of the proclamation’s establishment, Human Rights Day is recognized on December 10 every year. The most translated document in the world, it serves as an empowering reminder that we need to continue to take action and stand up for our own rights and the rights of others.

At Vanguard, our mission is rooted in leveraging the power of public relations for social justice. In honor of Human Rights Day, we’re highlighting some of the campaigns and projects we’ve worked on that have led the charge in creating equal opportunities for people from all backgrounds.

Presidents’ Alliance Forum on Higher Education and Immigration

Last year, Vanguard provided pro bono communications services for the Presidents’ Alliance Forum on Higher Education and Immigration’s public convening on how institutions of higher education can collaborate to support students in the current U.S. immigration landscape.

We supported the forum throughout the day, promoting the event to news outlets and on social media and successfully engaging key immigration-related organizations to amplify the work the Alliance is doing to create a more inclusive environment for students.

DC Rape Crisis Center

To serve the needs of DC’s Spanish-speaking community, Vanguard developed a campaign for the DC Rape Crisis Center (DCRCC) to further their mission of helping survivors of sexual assault and their families cope with the far-reaching effects of sexual violence.

Knowing that many Latina survivors in need of support face barriers to receiving it — such as cultural beliefs, concerns related to their immigration status, language differences and the cost of services — Vanguard took a culturally competent approach to encouraging Latinas affected by sexual violence to seek guidance and support from a trained DCRCC counselor.

GLAD Legal Advocates & Defenders

In support of GLAD’s efforts to advance LGBTQ equality and advocate for those living with HIV, Vanguard provided them with insights to make their brand stand out among other LGBTQ and legal advocacy organizations. We also shared opportunities to raise awareness for their free Legal InfoLine service designed to inform LGBTQ and HIV positive individuals of their legal rights.

Following our recommendations, GLAD’s media outreach activities resulted in high-profile interviews on MSNBC, PBS NewsHour and in The New York Times.

VCU Center on Society and Health

Many Americans experience hunger, precarious housing or homelessness, and inadequate health care, education, and income. To show how individuals are confronting these challenges, the VCU Center on Society and Health compiles and analyzes data around food security, housing, health, education, and income.

Vanguard helped the Center promote audience understanding and awareness of these issues by illustrating data that show how some Americans are lacking in critical measures of well-being.

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