Summer Learning for All

This week, families, communities and organizations around the country are celebrating National Summer Learning Week by hosting conversations and activities to elevate the importance of keeping kids learning, safe and healthy every summer, ensuring they return to school in the fall ready to succeed in the year.

According to the National Summer Learning Association, research shows that high-quality summer learning makes a difference in stemming learning loss and closing the country’s educational and opportunity gaps. Elementary school students with high attendance in summer learning programs boost their math and reading skills and build critical social-emotional skills that will help them not only in school, but also in their careers and life.

However, summer learning doesn’t just offer youth opportunities to close the achievement gap. Lifelong learners of all ages also can benefit from setting their own summer learning resolutions to catch up, get ahead at work or learn new skills to enrich their lives.

This summer, I’m auditing a university course about health and wellness and how to achieve more balance in a hyperactive world. Here are some of the learning resolutions that Vanguardians are working on this summer.

Anna Verhanovitz, Resource Specialist

I just started working toward my master’s in public health! In addition to soccer, I’m working on becoming a better tennis player as well.

Catie Carreras, Senior Editorial Associate    

I’m studying to become fluent in Spanish so I can communicate confidently while visiting family in Spain next year!

Jo Ann Antoine, Art Director

I’m taking classes on the history of film and beginner’s photography.

Kate Fink, MA, Associate Director

I recently downloaded the Headspace app and am learning to meditate and be more mindful. So far, so good!

LeAnne DeFrancesco, Vice President

I’m working with my eighth grader on mastering PowerPoint for a summer assignment he has.

Linda Sabelhaus, MSLS, Account Supervisor

I am trying to learn one new Spanish word each week!

Sangeetha Sarma, Account Supervisor

I’m going to start learning Spanish because I love learning languages and speaking with people in their native tongue.

Sarah Sonies, Account Manager

I’m working on my French. I’ll also probably read “Master of the Senate” because a little Robert Caro in the summertime never hurt anybody.

Shannon Walsh, MBA, Senior Account Manager

I’m going to learn more about photography and practice different tactics and shots on my iPhone. I might even invest in a camera in the next couple of months.

Sharon Cummins, Communications Resource Specialist

My son is attending a computer science camp at University of Maryland. I am going to be brushing up on my Excel skills by doing some training videos.

Wendy Rubin, Editorial Director

I’m trying to cook at least one new thing each week that isn’t a dessert.

What’s your summer learning resolution? How are you or your family prioritizing summer learning this year? Share a picture or video of your friends, children, students, colleagues or even yourself learning about a subject you enjoy with the hashtags #SmarterSummers and #SummerLearningWeek on social media. Remember to challenge others to share their summer learning adventures too.

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