kate fink

“I love working in PR because I’m able to apply my expertise in digital media and strategic communications to causes that make the world a healthier and happier place. There is real power in subverting how PR is traditionally used and refocusing it on good causes.”

Memorable professional moments:

  • Launched a mobile app that is now used by thousands of first responders across the country to save the lives of stroke patients.
  • Spent a day with teenagers in Mississippi teaching them about social media. The training was right before Thanksgiving and I learned a proper Thanksgiving meal in Mississippi includes dressing. The stuffing vs. dressing debate continues!
  • In just six weeks, led the creation and launch of a campaign website to encourage family reading. That is my personal time record for a website launch from scratch!

People often find it interesting that …
I knew in college that PR was what I wanted to do when I had dreams of becoming a presidential Press Secretary. Working in politics isn’t for me, but there are many other careers that rely on expert communications!

What does people-first mean to me?
People-first means showing empathy and providing psychological safety to people you interact with — from colleagues and peers to clients and partners. The best work happens when people are empowered to bring their best ideas and thinking to the table.

My credentials

  • B.A., Government and International Politics, George Mason University
  • M.A., Communication, Johns Hopkins University

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