Tracy Ferrell

“I provide the infrastructure, facilities and resources to Vanguard staff so they can do the dynamic and important work of our clients. It is exciting to find new ways to improve our working environment and help other staff learn, grow and be effective on social change issues.”

Memorable professional moments:

  • Designing our new space and moving our entire complement of staff, technology, equipment and even culture into our current space. We were able to evaluate and build the physical space in a way that responds to the modern PR environment, as well as strategically place teams, meeting areas and even kitchen and storage areas that encourage collaboration and camaraderie.
  • Working with the Vanguard team each year at Farm Aid. As someone who is mostly “behind-the-scenes” at the office, it is so gratifying to be on location with our talented staff, watching them problem-solve and innovate on the fly. No one does events like Vanguard!
  • Watching some of our employees who started their career at Vanguard celebrate 10 years here. In a society where changing jobs typically equals advancement, it gives me such satisfaction to see young professionals putting down roots at Vanguard. It shows they love the work they do, and that our culture is one that people value.

People often find it interesting that …
I started out in advertising. Having worked in both advertising and publishing gives me a different understanding of communications. I understand client management, media buying, trafficking workflow and budgeting, as well as design. It wasn’t until I joined Vanguard that my passion for helping people, ability to plan ahead and my love for the communications business came together.

What does people-first mean to me?
People-first is a spectrum that ranges from a person’s attitude in the workplace to their being a dependable member of the team. We actively listen to our clients, partners, staff and vendors to clarify deadlines and expectations. This allows us to be responsive, more creative and more effective, even when dealing with the curve balls inherent in PR.

The operations team makes an effort to anticipate staff needs and provide solutions before they even know that they are needed. I am a problem solver by nature and enjoy being a resource in providing options to solve problems so employees have fortitude to succeed.

My credentials

  • B.S., University of Maryland
  • SHRM member
  • Boys Scouts of America, Committee Chair for a Troop

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